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Sunday, November 28, 2010

We're So Thankful For What We Have


This Thanksgiving Day was so enjoyable, spending it with family, and having our Mom with us.  Mom at 93 years of age has moved in with us recently, and we praise God that she is in fairly good health and can get around by herself with the aid of a walker.  She occupies 2 rooms of our home and has the use of our guest bathroom, and says she is very happy living here with us.  A lot of her own furniture and personal pictures and "things" moved here with her, so she has familiar treasures around her.

When Mom came to live with us, it is because living expenses in an assisted living facility had gotten so expensive (this is the case with many of our elderly). We know of quite a few people our ages who are now inviting their parents to live with them because of this reason.  As long as my Step Dad (age 101) was living with her, they were able to afford the unit, but since he went into a nursing home last winter, it has become increasingly hard on her financially.  So, we invited her to come live with us, knowing that it would enrich all of our lives...which it has.  Mom is enjoying our pets, too, just as she knew she would.  She's finally learned all their names, and that was a real accomplishments.  Try keeping 3 black cats straight when they all sort of look alike!  Then there's the grumpy old lady cat who we've had for over 10 years, given to us by my daughter who had had her for 3 years & didn't know how old she was when SHE got her.  So she (Peaches) is just trying to lay claim to her territory that she had long before the 3 black cats came along.  Mom knows them now as Mama Mitsy, Daddy Tommy, and "baby" Owey (who tops out at about 22 lbs.).  Then there's the dog Bosco, who is over 9 years old now.  He's quite a character and understands everything we say (especially when we don't want him to).  All of this has added much to Mom's life.

Mom has also taken up the piano again, and even with her bent finger, she can play pretty well.  Right now she is practicing some Christmas carols so she can accompany me on the flute over the holidays.  We may even invite some family and friends over as time allows.  We marvel at what she remembers of the piano, and she can play so many songs and even jazzes them up a bit.  She still plays from her mother's set of music books, and song books she has collected over the years.  Here is a picture of Mom playing her old piano (which is in our house now), and her captive audience of "baby" Owey.  They love to hear her play, and at first couldn't understand what she was doing...because they rarely hear ME on the piano.  So, we are thankful that Mom can still play the piano so well, and we all enjoy hearing her improve with each passing day. 
 Yes, we have so many things to be thankful for.  Our families who are scattered from Texas all the way to Alaska and includes 4 children, 14 grandchildren + 1 in heaven, 4 GREAT grandchildren, and ONE ON THE WAY that we just found out about and is due in July sometime.  We miss those members who haven't been around much, more than we can say, and hope that they are doing well this holiday season, too.  We are so thankful for those family members who include us in their lives...ALL are precious to us & we thank God for every one.  We continue to pray for our family, & that God will heal parts of our family and our nation.  Please join us in praying for our troops, our nation and our leaders, and that in these trying times that they will make the right and Godly decisions for our country.  We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you will have a wonderful holiday season.  God bless you all and keep you safe.

"The only people who are truly free are the ones who walk in a continual spirit of forgiveness."

Thursday, May 6, 2010

To All of You for Mother's Day

This is from a good friend of mine and I'd like to share it with you all for Mother's Day, because it meant so much to me and is so true.
I remember doing some of the same things she did too. Like try her Mother’s glasses on and I’d nearly be drunk from the blur! Then sit and listen as she gave me her own advice (many times listening to my Grandmother too). And now the years have flown and we have grown with children of our own. Little grandchildren run about us now. The glasses do fit our sight better, for as the old saying goes “Mother is always right”. It is just kind of sad that it took us so very long to understand all of it, so we could have let her know our total love and appreciation of her. (Nothing is worth severing a Mother/child relationship)
A New View....
.. ..
Tucked neatly inside my mother’s old jewelry box are the glasses she....
wore many years before her death.  When I was younger I used to try on....
those glasses, wishing to wear them but quickly laying them aside,....
escaping that cloudy, blurry world they created.   It was quite a....
wonder to me how she saw so clearly through those lenses, how she....
reached for them each morning when she awoke before going to the....
kitchen to make the morning coffee.  Mother’s view certainly was....
different back then, and as I sat across from her those many mornings,....
sharing that aromatic beverage, she expressed her thoughts in ways....
that caused me to chuckle inside, believing that she was so “behind....
the times,” yet daring not to disagree with her, realizing that if I....
did an all-out argument would surely ensue.  And so, I politely....
listened, vowing never to embrace her ideology, clinging instead to....
those younger generational viewpoints of the 1960s. And then, I would....
slide into those brightly colored bell-bottomed slacks, toss my long....
hair over my shoulder and give her a quick kiss on the cheek before....
leaving the house.....
.. ..
I was enjoying my freedom, driving that little Corvair down the long....
country road toward town, leaving the country and its values far....
behind, entering a world where I could do things my way, the modern....
way.  College had opened wide those doors of freedom, allowing me to....
learn and experience life in a way that would have caused Mother to....
sit with me a little longer at the kitchen table, extolling those....
virtues passed on by her mother, attempting to extend that influence....
to her daughter.....
.. ..
Marriage, work and family had its way of restricting much of that....
freedom many of us felt in the 1960s.  It was not long before it was I....
who was making that morning coffee, doing the laundry and shuffling....
the kids off to school.  And, not surprisingly, it was I who was....
seated across the table from those young people, watching them fidget....
a bit in their chairs before going off into their own, new world of....
.. ..
Likewise, it should not have come as a surprise to me this morning....
when I opened that old jewelry box and once again placed those old....
glasses over my eyes that something had changed.  Suddenly I was....
seeing more clearly through those old lenses, and as I sat there in....
wonderment, looking around at my world some forty years later, I....
realized that I had become my mother.  I had ever so gradually....
returned to the ways she had taught me, those ideas that once caused....
me to chuckle, the ones that seemed so distant, were now so very close....
to my heart.....
.. ..
Nancy Farley....
May 1, 2010....
.. .. ....
.. ..
"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails...."1 Corinthians 13:4-8....
.. ..
The biggest witness we can be to another is when they "see our LIFE". ....
People will “READ US before they ever READ the BIBLE! ....
 "The LIFE of YOU will be the DEATH of ME; so I must DIE, that YOU might LIVE."....
.. ..
2 Chronicles: 7:14 “.....if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land”...

"The only people who are truly free are the ones who walk in a continual spirit of forgiveness."

Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Precious Daughter

Sometime ago I jotted this down...from where I don't know.  I have saved it to send to my 
daughter on her birthday, which is April 1st.  It reminded me of times when I was watching 
her grow, and of happier times when I could just call her up and tell her these things.  I love 
and miss her more than this mother could ever express, so this is to Ali:

My Precious Daughter

The joy of my life was just watching you grow.
You were my little princess, all tied with a bow.
 I'd read you the same book over & over again,
and listen to "God Blesses" till you finally said "Amen".

I'd watch you through a window as you'd run and play,
and I'd say a little prayer that you'd remember one day...
That you were loved so very much, and how I loved watching you grow
Into WHO you are today...someone all the world should know.

Author Unknown

 "The only people who are truly free are the ones who walk in a continual spirit of forgiveness."

Monday, March 1, 2010

Authors Articulating with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

Hi Everyone,
Just in case you missed the live radio interview last night, or didn't know about it, it was recorded and you can listen in to the broadcast at:  http://tobtr.com/s/936781   I met the interviewer on a blogspot site & at www.Shoutlife.com.   Jo-Anne Vandermeulen with "Authors Articulating" invited me as a fellow author to be interviewed on Blogtalk Radio out of BC Canada.  I'm always looking for more ways to get exposure for my book, so I gladly accepted.
Claire Reeves, I hope you will listen, too, because I referenced you and your book.  Thanks again for your wonderful promo for my back cover.  Dana, thanks again for your beautiful Foreword.
Now, as follow-up I am asking all of you during this next month to team with me in getting the word out.  April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and we all need to be doing everything we can for the many, many victims who are out there, waiting for help and rescue from their abuse.  Thanks for listening to the recorded interview, and thanks for any help you may be able to give.  Please tell people about the book, because everyone in our society knows someone who has been abused, or, sadly, have been abused themselves.   Forrest and I continue to pray for those victims and their families, so that they can be healed from the scars of abuse and go on to lead happy, productive lives.
Blessings abundant to all of you,
Authors Articulating with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

"The only people who are truly free are the ones who live in a continual spirit of forgiveness."

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Worth of a Woman

The WORTH of a WOMAN... Friday, August 17, 2007 - 3:02 PM

To All The Amazing Women Out There!!


One Flaw In Women (you will see what it is in the end)
Women have strengths that amaze men.
They bear hardships and they carry burdens,
but they hold happiness, love and joy.
They smile when they want to scream.
They sing when they want to cry.
They cry when they are happy
and laugh when they are nervous.
They fight for what they believe in.
They stand up to injustice.
They don't take "no" for an answer
when they believe there is a better solution.
They go without so their family can have.
They go to the doctor with a frightened friend.
They love unconditionally.
They cry when their children excel
and cheer when their friends get awards.
They are happy when they hear about a birth or a wedding.
Their hearts break when a friend dies.
They grieve at the loss of a family member, yet they are strong when they think there is no strength left.
They know that a hug and a kiss
can heal a broken heart.
Women come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
They'll drive, fly, walk, run or e-mail you
to show how much they care about you.
The heart of a woman is what makes the world keep turning.

They bring joy, hope and love.
They have the compassion and ideas.
They give moral support to their family and friends.
Women have vital things to say and everything to give.


"The only people who are truly free are the ones who live in a continual spirit of forgiveness."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Father, Forgive My Father called "Road Map to Reclaiming Your Life"

Did you know that child sexual abuse is an epidemic in our country, and that it is hurting all of our society? Since April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, I would like to let you know about my book written to help victims of sexual child abuse. It is entitled, "Father, Forgive My Father" and is the product of a life-long dream and goal to get it published. The book tells my story of how, as a victim of sexual child abuse for 15 years, I was able to get through it and ultimately heal from the wounds of abuse; how I let God "turned my scars to stars". Now, in my retirement years, I am trying to get it out to the multitudes of victims who need help.

Claire Reeves, Founder/Director of MASA (Mothers Against Sexual Abuse) wrote the Promo for the back book cover, and has called it a "road map to reclaiming your life". So far, reviews from all across the country are encouraging, and I am hearing reports such as "your book healed my whole family", or "your book saved my life". But we need to reach many, many more victims, because as I said, child sexual abuse is an epidemic in our country and it is hurting all of us. Our prisons today are full of victims who were never healed, so they went on to abuse others. With the statistics of child sexual abuse so staggering these days, almost everyone has either experienced abuse or knows someone who has. Please partner with me in letting your friends and loved ones know about this book that is helping so many. Put your thinking cap on, and think of those you know who might need your help. You can order it at the following web sites: www.authorhouse.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, www.amazon.com. I am also available for book readings and signings, and give a workshop entitled, "Becoming God's Woman/or Man".
Please feel free to let me know how I can help you to help other victims who still need healing.

"The only people who are truly free are the ones who live in a continual spirit of forgiveness."

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiti Hands and Feet Newsletter

"The only people who are truly free are the ones who live in a continual spirit of forgiveness."

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christ's Bell

Christ Bell .
This is an awesome e-mail. Someone took a lot of time setting up this message, and I'd like to share it with you today. The verses here will contribute greatly to our efforts in "Becoming God's Woman".

I am God's child (John 1:12)
I am Christ's friend (John 15:15 )
I am united with the Lord (1 Cor. 6:17)
I am bought with a price (1 Cor 6:19-20)
I am a saint (set apart for God). (Eph. 1:1)
I am a personal witness of Christ. (Acts 1:8)
I am the salt & light of the earth (Matt 5:13-14)
I am a member of the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27)
I am free forever from condemnation ( Rom 8: 1-2)
I am a citizen of Heaven. I am significant (Phil 3 :20)
I am free from any charge against me (Rom 8:31 -34)
I am a minister of reconciliation for God (2 Cor 5:17-21)
I have access to God through the Holy Spirit (Eph. 2:18)
I am seated with Christ in the heavenly realms (Eph. 2:6)
I cannot be separated from the love of God (Rom 8:35-39)
I am established, anointed, sealed by God (2 Cor 1:21-22 )
I am assured all things work together for good (Rom. 8:28 )
I have been chosen and appointed to bear fruit (John 15:16 )
I may approach God with freedom and confidence (Eph. 3: 12 )
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13 )
I am the branch of the true vine, a channel of His life (John 15: 1-5)
I am God's temple (1 Cor. 3: 16). I am complete in Christ (Col. 2: 10)
I am hidden with Christ in God (Col. 3:3).. I have been justified (Romans 5:1)
I am God's co-worker (1 Cor. 3:9; 2 Cor 6:1). I am God's workmanship (Eph. 2:10)
I am confident that the good works God has begun in me will be perfected. (Phil. 1: 5)
I have been redeemed and forgiven ( Col 1:14). I have been adopted as God's child (Eph 1:5)
I belong to God
Do you know
Who you are?

Keep this bell ringing...pass it on
'The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you
And be gracious to you;
The LORD turn His face toward you
And give you peace...
Numbers 6:24-26

"The only people who are truly free are the ones who live in a continual spirit of forgiveness."