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I hope you will join me here often to read thoughts expressed by myself and others on what we feel is important to becoming a more Godly person. We all have our own ideas of what contributes to our character and how we become what we are, but as most of us in these blog pages, we want to share what is or has been important in our lives. Sometimes it's just venting, and sometimes it's wanting to share something we feel is profound. For whatever reason, I am moved to share with YOU, and hope that you will be a follower who gains something by reading these blogs. If you feel that others might benefit from reading it, please invite them in. Please feel free to comment, and I'd love to hear from you, and to know what is important to YOU. Thank you for stopping by, and may God bless you and help you in your endeavors to grow and become more like Him each day.

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I'm a retired lady who is enjoying writing to help others. My husband and I have 4 children, 14 grandchildren (1 is in heaven), 7 great grandsons and 3 great granddaughters. We enjoy riding ATVs & camping, and spending time with family & friends. In the past I have been a church youth leader, cub scout and 4H leader, and studied under the Sitka Christian Counselor's Assoc. My first book "Father, Forgive My Father" was published in 2005, and you will see references to it throughout my blogs. Now I'm writing magazine articles & building my platform for my book. Currently I am enjoying being on talk radio interviews. I am also available to present my workshop "Becoming God's Woman" to church and women's groups. My greatest desire is to see people set free from the bondage of sexual child abuse and become healed and free children of God, ready to soar to new heights of victory and have life more abundantly. THIS is what God wants for His children. In the new year 2012, I intend to write more frequently on this blog, so visit us often.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013


 Isn't it wonderful to see all the signs of Spring popping out all over?  It is so encouraging after a long, very cold winter, and I for one am enjoying all the sights, sounds and smells of Spring.  Have been very busy lately, and THAT is a good thing....I think;-)  Not enough hours in the day, with spring planting, spring cleaning, and work that I have been doing on my book's platform.  Yes, I'm still out there doing everything I can.

Recently I was contacted by Monty Meyer of Take12Radio out of Albany, OR, to do a radio interview.  The broadcast aired last Saturday the 6th, and was a really pleasant experience.  Monty makes all of his guests feel very welcome and comfortable, and before I knew it, the hour was up.  I had thought I would not have enough to say, but as my Son, Scott, said, "Mom, you never run out of things to say."  Monty had a lot of good questions for me, as well as personal input with a wealth of knowledge, and made the whole interview experience very interesting.  Thanks again Monty for the opportunity, I really appreciate it.  For any of you who missed the interview and would like to listen to it or refer it to someone you know who needs to heal their scars from abuse, you can still find it.  Go to www.Take12Radio.com, and go to their ARCHIVES...and click on FRIDAY INTERVIEWS.  There you will find mine that was on Friday, April 5th, spotlighting my book "Father, Forgive My Father".

Now, my next step is to further shine the spotlight on this month of April which is "National Child Abuse Prevention Month".  In doing that, I have scheduled an Open House for a book reading at our local library.  For any of you in the Spokane area, please feel free to attend, and please bring a friend; especially if you know they have been abused and need help to heal.  See the notice below:

COME & MEET THE AUTHOR at an Open House @ the Airway Heights Library
ADDRESS:  1213 S. Lundstrom, Airway Heights, WA 99001
DATE:  April 25th, from 2-4 p.m.  "Epidemic of Sexual Child Abuse To Be Revealed"
Don't miss this timely and informative book reading and signing in recognition of April, "National Child Abuse Prevention Month"

You will also be able to meet the author of the book's Foreword, Dana Gamble.   We're looking forward to meeting you and hope you will join us and bring a friend.  This promises to be an interesting & informative time of sharing.  Coffee and cookies will be served.


In the meantime I have been really busy getting my brochures, business cards and bookmarks redone and reprinted.  My neighbor has offered to introduce me over at our airbase across the street, so I'm sure that is opening a huge door...lots of need in the military unfortunately.  Also have been in contact with people out of state who have asked to handle my books in their book stores, and have asked me to give book readings or my workshop.  I see a trip to Alaska in my near future to achieve these goals.  Of course I never mind that, because I can see my son and his family...which are most of my grandchildren and now my GREATS...8 of them up there;-)  

 So, that's how my Spring is going so far...not to mention the rose garden that I have scheduled for replanting...someday it will be pretty again.  Plans are to move to our summer ranch home May 15th, and then begins our summer gardening.  This year I've invited our Spokane Compass Club Gardening Group to visit for a tour of our garden and a patio lunch...they have assured me that it will be potluck, so I guess I will get lots of help with that.  Looking forward to a very exciting Spring and Summer.  God is moving, and moving fast...and I'm just along for the ride...to go where He directs.  Thank you for your love and prayers, and please be praying that He continues to open doors where this message is needed.  I also have a new personal URL web site for noting scheduled events and easy book purchase at www.fffpublishinghelps.com.  God is good...God bless you all.  Let me hear from you!

"The only people who are truly free are the ones who walk in a spirit of continual forgiveness."

Thursday, April 4, 2013


This will just be a short blog today to let you know of my radio interview tomorrow (taping tomorrow; actual broadcast goes live on Saturday).  I will be sharing with the listeners how to recognize the signs of abuse; then how to help victims of child abuse during and after the abuse, and how to lead them through the healing process.  I will also share why and how I got started writing my book and where you can find it at my book distributors.

To hear the broadcast go to www.talk12radio.com and click on Saturday (for the Friday interviews). Then look for my name, Sandra Lee interview April 5th.  Hope you will tune in.  If you miss it and want to watch it later, it will be there in the archives forever...so please pass on the information.  We need to do all we can to help these victims who are still waiting for their healing touch. 

Have a wonderful day, and REMEMBER....
"The only people who are truly free are the ones who walk in a spirit of continual forgiveness."

Happy Spring Time...April is "National Child Abuse Prevention Month"

Hello Everyone and Happy Spring!

I'm back!  The past few years have been so busy with my mother's care that I had to back out of a lot of my correspondence, especially on my websites.  She came to live with us over 2 years ago, and we were her sole caregivers in our home.  I certainly am thankful that we had that time with her, and am thankful that her passing was easy.  She was plagued with pneumonia all summer last year, and after being MedStar lifeflighted from our ranch, spent 3 stays in the hospital, and then went to a nursing home here in Spokane.  She seemed to rally for awhile, but could not shake the pneumonia, and she finally gave up after her 95th birthday on July 29th.  We had a little party for her there in the nursing home, and afterwards one of the nurses asked her, "Lois, since you've reached 95 now, are you going to shoot for 100?"  She said, "No, I don't think so, I'm kinda tired."  Then on August 26th, after saying goodbye to her children and Grandchildren on the phone, she slipped quietly away into the arms of our Lord.  I could not have wished for anything differently, because she had had a good, full life, and now she is pain free and flying with the angels.

Now, I am plunging in with both feet...and hands, and doing the work I know I'm intended to do.  My greatest desire, as you all know, is to see people set free from the bondage of abuse...whether it be immediate, or scars from past abuse.  The current statistics have only continued to rise through the past few years, and abuse of children in this country is an EPIDEMIC....it has to STOP!  

To further that goal, I am very happy to report that I was recently contacted by Monty Dale Meyer of Talk12Radio Station out of Oregon, to do an interview tomorrow (Friday, April 5th).  This interview will be over Internet Radio and will be available on Saturday at www.Talk12Radio.com; then just click on SATURDAY for the Friday Interviews.  They archive these interviews, so they will be available forever for those of you who want to listen and refer on to your friends.  I would really appreciate that, too, as the whole purpose is to reach as many people as we can, in the hopes of reaching many victims of abuse who need healing.  PLEASE partner with me in passing this on; it is so important.  It is also so timely, since this is "National Child Abuse Prevention Month", and we need to do all we can to get the word out there.  Those victims are out there, and they are waiting for our help.

Thanks everyone for hanging in there with me and checking back.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and are enjoying Spring...I am!  Remember to listen in to the broadcast interview and let me know what you think...thanks again.

"The only people who are truly free are the ones who walk in a spirit of continual forgiveness."

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Since April is National Child Abuse Month, I wanted to remind all of you that we need to be doing everything possible to help the many victims of child abuse. Because of my background I am particularly concerned about the statistics of sexual child abuse that continue to grow in our

When I wrote my book, "Father, Forgive My Father" the statistics were high, but lower than today. Now we can safely say that 1/2 of our population has experienced some kind of child abuse, and in the majority of these cases the child has been sexually abused. Many of our states across the country have tightened their child abuse laws, making the penalties much more harsh. This is as it should be...after all, the abuser has robbed this child of his/her innocence and altered the path of the victim's entire life. When we were in the Caribbean a few years ago, I did a little survey of some of the islanders we encountered. I asked them, "Do you have much sexual child abuse here?". Almost all of them said the same thing: "No, we don't have problem...if you touch the child, you do life in prison." No THREE STRIKES AND YOU'RE OUT...you're DONE after one abuse. If we had tougher laws like that, there would be no abuse, and our society wouldn't be sick and our prisons wouldn't be filled with victims of sexual abuse who went on to abuse others. In honor of National Child Abuse Month, I wanted to re-post a blog I posted on 2/26/07...please read on.

When I was at a recent conference, on one of the breaks, I had a profound thought (one of my few, and it doesn't happen very often...so when it does, I think, "It must be God".) Well, the word ACT came to mind, and I started thinking of words that had significance to healing from
sexual abuse, and this is what I came up with. Break down the word ACT:"A" stands for "acknowledge" that you have been a victim of abuse, and are not at fault; "C" stands for "confront" your abuser or those responsible for your abuse. Some victims say, "I can't confront the abuser; he/she is dead. Well, YES you CAN, even if they are deceased. Just visually place them in a chair in front of you and go through the confrontation as if they were sitting there. Tell them how it made you
feel, how you suffered, and, even though you will NEVER forget the deed, you have FORGIVEN them...because that's what's important to your healing. If the abuser is still alive, you need to prayerfully seek God's timing in confronting he/she. You need to get it out, and they need to accept responsibility for what they did. The "T" stands for TALK ABOUT IT; healing begins with getting it out in the open and talking about it, whether it be to your friends, family, counselor or pastor, you NEED to talk about it. The more you do, the less painful it is, and you can then get past it and be healed. Praise our wonderful,understanding and healing God. Our God can do ALL things! And WE can do all things through Christ who strengthens us...AMEN!

In closing this blog, I would like to ask all of you to help, by educating yourselves to the many signs of child abuse.  My book has a whole section on how to recognize these signs, and what to do if you expect that someone has been abused.  This child needs your help, and will forever be grateful for your helping hand.  And, when it comes time for you to do something toward toughening our laws, please help by making your voice heard.  Let people know how you feel about those who rob children of their childhood and innocence.  This subject is no longer "taboo" in our society, and we need to come out of the dark ages and help the abused.  Please do your part by voicing your support of child abuse prevention.  Thanks for anything you can do.


"The only people who are truly free are the ones who walk in a spirit of continual forgiveness."