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Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Golden Opportunity...not to be missed!

I'm starting this blog way too late at night, and not sure how it's going to turn out, but just had some things on my mind. Tis the Season...to be jolly...but then LIFE gets in the way right when we're the busiest.  I'm sure you've felt that way, too.  Too many things to do, etc.  But then something unexpected happens to change our plans.

Mom & I at a Christmas Party in 2010
We have this new house (new to us) that we bought in 2007 for our later years of retirement.  Well, "hello"...here we are in our "later years of retirement"; where did all the time go?
  My Mom came to live with us a year ago this past October, and it was getting harder for her to make the journey to and from our summer and winter homes on opposite sides of the state.  So, we thought, why not move to one side of the state so we only have an hours drive between homes.  It's been a good move, and we all feel better over on the eastern side of the mountains where we get a lot more sunshine and not so much rain.  But, as my husband reminds me, over here in eastern Washington, we will probably be shoveling the "rain".  So far it hasn't happened, except for a couple dustings, but it sure made everything out here in the country look beautiful; was wonderful for going out for a walk.  I'm really looking forward to when we get a really good snowfall and we can get out and get our exercise shoveling:-) 
My hubby is already with his atv rigged with snowplow to plow away.  Last year in our old neighborhood he made himself very popular by plowing everyone's driveways, including all the development's roads.  Why not?  He loves to play with his snowplow and the neighbors LOVED it, and some even offered to pay him.  Here's a picture of him all ready to "play". 
Yes, he does have gloves, but had taken them off to come in the house; then I said, "Get back on, I didn't get a picture yet."  So being the cooperative husband he is, he got back on...without his gloves.  Don't you know that everyone who saw that picture said, "Why don't you get that man some gloves?"  I even got him a real Alaskan hat to keep his head and ears warm:-)  For an old guy, he sure is cute!

Anyway, we're taking care of Mom now and our days are filled with "care giver" activities.  A few weeks ago we had a real scare when she ended up in the hospital for a few days.  Seems her diabetes meds were not doing enough for her, so her meds had to be adjusted.  Then, too, they found she had a tear in her esophagus and it made her so weak and dizzy that she couldn't raise her head off her pillow.  We didn't know what was wrong, but knew she had to go to the hospital and called an ambulance.  We followed the ambulance into town and spent most of the night in the ER until they admitted her to the hospital and we made it home to our beds at around 2:30 in the morning.  Several weeks later, she is doing ok after having home physical therapy to help her get back to where she was.  She's lost 3 lbs that she couldn't afford to lose; she's skin and bones as it is and eats like a bird.  It is so hard to see her so frail now, but we try to encourage her to walk & to play the piano to keep her strength up.

Then I get an email from some friends saying that one of my best girlfriend's mother passed away.  This is a friend that I met on the first day of 7th grade, and we've been close friends ever since.  She herself is not in good health and is in a nursing home recovering from her last heart attack, and more recently a fall.  So I HAVE to make it to her mother's funeral...more for her than for me.  So I told my husband, "I really want to make the trip, and attend the funeral."  This is about a 3 1/2 hr. trip across the state.  Then surprise...Mom says, "Well, I want to go, too."  My first reaction (without saying it) was, she can't go, she doesn't have the strength...and I'm also thinking, "I need the break (from care giving)".  So I told her, "you get so tired, Mom, do you really think you can do it?"  She said, "Well, I want to...I think I can."  Did I forget to mention that she is 94 now?  Sooooo, we are planning to go together the first of this next week, and you talk about "Going on Faith"...that's what it is alright.  We WILL go, and it will be like a mini reunion because she will get to see old friends she hasn't seen in years, and may never be able to see again.  We have lunch dates, coffee, and dinner date lined up, not to mention the funeral and lunch after; then a long trip back home.  But we're looking forward to a nights stay at the Shilo Inn with a view of the river, and just being together on maybe a last adventure as mother and daughter.  This I celebrate, and with the Lord's help we will make the trip.  After all, how many people get a chance to take a trip with their 94 years "young" mother?  This may turn out to be one of our most savored memories in the future, and I for one, don't want to miss the opportunity.  Please pray for strength for both of us, and no snow until after we return.  Thanks everyone, and may all of you have a very Blessed Christmas and Holiday Season...and better new year for all!

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